10 Reasons Why Jillian Michaels is The Best Home Workout For Weightloss

When searching for the best home workout for weightloss it’s clear what you are searching for: a fast and effective exercise that will get you in shape super fast. In a previous article we have learned what makes the best home fitness program and what it should contain to truly be considered the best home workout. It was clear that a good home fitness program has to be fun, effective and motivating. But most of all it has to deliver fast and visible results because after all, we want to harvest the fruits after working out for a month. So why are the Jillian Michaels workouts the best home workouts ever and how can they help me with my weightloss? In this article I will provide you 10 good reasons why working out with one of Jillian Michaels workout DVDs is the best and most effective method for achieving your dream body in no time with only working out for 30 mins daily.

best home workout for weightloss

10 Facts Why Jillian Michaels is The Best Home Workout For Weightloss:

1. Jillian Michaels offers a variety of training content: both for individual problem areas and for the whole body.

2. Millions of fans are doing her workouts and there is a huge community following the trend of constant transformation. She managed to get people in shape and motivated them to do sport all around the world.

3. Even beginners can deal with Jillian Michaels fitness workouts. Start with the famous “30 Day Shred” program and make your body beautiful and fit. Then progress by doing the advanced workouts.

4. Jillian Michaels knows what phrases can motivate. With Jillian as your personal trainer it will be very difficult for you not to finish the exercises to the end or to quit. You’ll be surprised how fast time flies with Jillian as your coach.

5. You can train with her video courses at home and for this you do not even need to have special sport equipment or heavy weights!

6. The basis of all Jillian Michaels programs is a high-intensity interval training combined with strength and core workouts, which is better known as the 3-2-1 training method. At the moment this is the most effective way to lose weight, which really became a breakthrough in modern fitness.

7. Jill also has comprehensive programs designed to lose weight and work out all the muscles for a certain amount of time. You don’t need to combine classes yourself because the best coach has already prepared an excellent training plan for you.

8. If you just decided to start losing weight then training with Jillian Michaels is what you need. Clear, accessible, diverse and moderately intensive classes will help you achieve a beautiful figure.

9. Jillian Michaels regularly releases new programs: At least 2 times a year the coach announces fresh workouts.

10. The workouts are not just for women but also for men. They can just use heavier weights so it can be even more fun and motivating to do the workouts together with your friend or partner and this way better support each other.

Final words

We love the fact that people who start with one of Jillian Michaels workouts are immediately caught in the hype and can’t resist to continue with another workout from Jillian because it’s so much fun and so different from all the other workouts they have been previously engaged with. The fast-paced exercises are challenging the whole body and will never cease to disappoint you because results are clearly visible after the first week already. We recommend starting with the famous bestselling Jillian Michaels workout “30 Day Shred” to immediately start with your weightloss journey right from your living room. What are you waiting for? Start your transformation now!

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