Abs Workout: What are the best ab exercises to get a six-pack

Again and again I am asked: Which abs workout is the best to get a six-pack and how do I get closer to my goal of a flat stomach? In this article I’d like to introduce you to the best six-pack home exercises that are easy to do with just a few tools. With these methods it’s possible to get sexy abs, even without expensive and time-consuming training in the gym

Abs Workout Best ab exercises

Exercising the six-pack at home is just as effective as working out in the gym. However, you need to know some important informations first for the six pack home exercises and workout plan to work perfectly.

The big advantage of six-pack exercises at home is that you can do these exercises anytime, anywhere, and mostly without tools.

Whether traveling, in the office, the gym or in the bedroom. Because it is very easy and simple.

Ab Exercises : what is the best workout for your abs

Before I show you some six-pack exercises you can do at home, I’d like to share basic information that will improve your understanding of getting a flat stomach. Beautiful and sexy-looking abdominal muscles are achieved mainly by training the rectus abdominis, the straight abdominal muscle.

Stomach muscles overview

Here you can still differentiate between upper and lower rectus abdominis. (Marked orange and blue in the pic). The Obliques (marked purple) is probably the most “persistent part” on the whole abdomen and represents the lateral abdominal muscles.

I’m not a fan of exercises that train the lateral abdominals (the Obliques). The reason for this is simple. Too much emphasis will cause the waist to widen and the abdominals to stick out too much. By training the straight abdominal muscles, the lateral abdominal muscles are involved anyway. If you are serious about building a strong core try the ab roller. Your abdominal muscles will grow like crazy with this ultimate tool and effects will be visible already after 2 weeks!

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts


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This all said we will start with simple but really effective six pack home exercises.

Best Ab Workouts: These 30 ab Workouts will make your six-pack grow

As you can probably imagine, there are some levels of difficulty in the ab exercises that you can choose. I’ve put together some neat self-explaining pictures of the most famous six pack exercises to try out right away. Depending on your fitness level you can decide if you want to start easily or want to work faster on building your six pack with the harder exercises, because summer holidays are coming up soon 🙂

Easy abs workout

These easy exercises are great to start training your six-pack and you just need only one tool: your own body. At this early point I would like to emphasize on combining your ab exercises also with different back exercises for building up strong core muscles. If you want to know how strong your core is try out the plank exercise and see how long you can hold this pose, 2 minutes is average, 5 minutes is great. Core muscles can be trained better than just with static exercises. I can recommend Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, where you train your abs and build up your core muscles with dynamic moves.

Easy ab exercises

Medium abs workout

Ok now it gets more serious with the advanced ab exercises. Like with the easy exercises I have created a picture for you which summarizes all well-known six-pack exercises with a slightly higher degree of difficulty. If you are unsure about the right execution just check the countless videos on the Internet. Also important here is the correct and, above all, slow execution.

Medium Ab exercises

Hard abs workout

I love these exercises and the burning after each rep makes you feel every abdominal muscle. Of course a bit more difficult in the execution, but certainly the right one for those who want to see fast results. If you want to have a six-pack made of steel I can recommend the Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six-Pack workout dvd where you will definitely see results in no time!

hard ab exercises

Getting a flat stomach: How to lose belly fat

A flat stomach looks great and is the symbol of a fit, attractive body. Hardly any other body part enjoys so much attention as the belly. It’s the first body part to judge the attractiveness and fitness, isn’t it?

flat stomach lose belly fat

Focusing your training on getting a flat stomach and losing belly fat is not possible you say?

Think again!

I will show you how this goal can be achieved in 3 basic steps that are explained in the article: Getting a flat stomach: How to lose belly fat.

10 Minute ab workout: Getting six pack abs in no time

The 10 Minute ab workout will bring out your sex pack for sure. For beginners three sets with 15-20 repetitions are enough. If the units are running well you train at least twice a week and then increase four times a week.

10 Minute ab workout

Regeneration for better results

Of course, if you want to get a six pack faster you can also train more often, but you have to keep in mind that the six-pack fibers grow in the regeneration phase AFTER your abdominal training and not during your recovery. Daily ab training would therefore only bring results if in each training session a different muscle group would be trained. Keep rotating the exercises if you think it becomes a little boring.

The lateral abdominal muscles

In order to shape the outer and inner lateral abdominal muscles oblique crunches are the best. You will train your obliques also with the Bicycle Kicks. If you want to do oblique crunches: As a variation of the normal crunch, take the same starting position but place the bent legs sideways so that the knee below touches the ground. Again, the lower back remains on the floor while the shoulders are raised and lowered again. Two sets of 10 – 15 reps per side are sufficient for beginners.

The transverse abdominal muscle

The next muscle to shape for the perfect six-pack is the transversus abdominis, the transverse abdominal muscle. It’s usually trained in normal and oblique crunches, but for additional definition lateral lowering of the upper body is a good exercise. For this one stand in an upright position with the arms resting normally on the side of the body. With a dumbbell in the right hand you lower the upper body sideways left and then back to the starting position. This exercise is best performed alternately, left and right. You will do the Side Plank exercise a few times here.


I would also like to leave a few words about the all-time classic: the crunch. It’s the absolute best exercise when it comes to ab training and is for beginners as well as for advanced athletes an ideal exercise. By crunches especially the straight abdominal muscles are effectively loaded and the execution should be slow and fluent. Many beginners perform this exercise too fast and too jerky, whereby the quality of the repetitions is ultimately more important than the quantity. To the execution: The athlete lays straight on the back. The legs are bent at a 90-degree angle and the arms are stretched and are guided parallel to the body. Now the upper body is slowly raised. The highest point of tension should be held for a brief moment for effective training and then the upper body is slowly lowered again, but without the back resting completely on the ground. The abdominal muscles should be held tense all the time. Very effective and with the use of additional weight the crunch can also be performed while sitting on the cable or cable pull.

Be sure to check also the Jillian Michaels Workouts section at this point. Jillian Michaels workouts are extrememely effective when it comes to training your core and abs.

Best ab workouts for men: Abdominal workouts for best results

A six-pack is the goal of many men, but wrong training which is often fixated only on the abdominal muscles prevents success. I will show you what is important for the training of the abdominal muscles for men and with which exercises you can quickly succeed.

Sexy abs men

In general there are two large groups of men who start with abdominal muscle training.

  • Overweight men trying to abrade their abdominal fat and lose weight through abdominal muscle training. I’ll show you how to strengthen your abs, automatically lose weight and do something for your fitness. You kill two birds with one stone.
  • Men who are basically athletic and well-trained, but want to further define their abdominal muscles. I’ll show you which exercises are important to train your abs and how to optimize your remaining training for the six-pack

For both groups exist ideal training plans that ensure that goals are achieved quickly and effectively. I am working heavily on posts about six pack diet and nutrition. Since I have described already a few exercises in the past sections, I will leave a nice picture with all the best ab workouts for this moment. Stay tuned for the next update!

Abs workout

Ab exercises for women: Best ab workouts for a sexy stomach

Abdominal muscle training is particularly popular with women. No wonder, with a flat stomach you’ll cut a fine figure in every dress and get plenty of compliments. However, on the way to the dream figure it’s often a struggle with sit-ups and crunches.

sexy hips and waist

Effective abdominal training is based on significantly more pillars. These include strength training for the entire body, cardio training and a balanced diet.

Why doesn’t abdominal training alone achieve the goal?

It is a mistake to assume that you get a well-toned flat stomach through abdominal muscle training alone. Although the approach to train his muscles specifically on the abdomen is not wrong, strong abdominal muscles alone do not yet make a flat and – in female sense – defined belly.

In addition to a few trained muscles above all the body fat percentage of a woman must be below 25 percent to make the abs become apparent. It’s difficult for any woman to achieve large volume of muscles because the hormone “estrogen” makes it difficult. Men have a great advantage here thanks to their hormone “testosterone”. Keep reading Getting a flat stomach: How to lose belly fat if you want to know how to get a sexy belly and flat stomach.

Core workouts: The best abs workout routine for building a strong core

Most people only think about their abdominal muscles when they talk about their “core”. Although the abdominal muscles are an important part of your core, this term also applies to your lower back and hips. Your core is your center of gravity – and a strong core of the body allows you to do more powerful functional movements during training and everyday life.

strong core workouts

You may not be aware, but you should keep tensing your core, whether at workouts, in front of the stove when cooking or sitting at your desk while at work. A strong core helps you to prevent injuries and to train more efficiently. You suffer from back pain? A stronger core also counteracts unpleasant back pain.

Hollowman core workout

The Hollowman is a so-called isometric exercise that requires no movement but is highly effective. Make sure to push your shoulders down and away from your ears while pressing your lower back firmly to the mat.

Hollowman core workout

The plank workout

My absolute favorite exercise. I incorporate plank variations into each of my workouts. If I had to choose one exercise, I would spend the rest of my life in the plank. It is the classic and probably most known workout for training your core. Most of us probably still remember the big hype around the plank challenge 🙂

Plank Core workout

The Bridge Workout

Many think that a bridge is good for the glutes. Also true. However, very few people know that a bridge is also a great way to strengthen your core if done correctly: with tension in the hips and lower abdominals.

bridge core workout

Superman pull workout

With this exercise you strengthen your lower back. Many people suffer from back pain because their core (and also lower back) are too weak. If the “Superman Pull” is still too difficult just raise your arms and legs and refrain from pulling your arms backwards.

Superman core workout

Best ab exercise equipment: six pack workout at home

Long endurance exercises are just as much a part of the training schedule as are vigorous strength workouts that train many muscle groups simultaneously. However, the fine tuning for the six pack can only be achieved by fine work on the abdominal muscles. The abdominal trainer and the back trainer promise great success in this area without putting a heavy strain on the spine.

Six pack abs equipment

What is the best ab machine for home use?

Sit Up Ab Bench – The classic

When it comes to abdominal training you can say that sit-ups are the classical exercises. In particular, the straight abdominal muscle parts can be effectively trained with sit-ups. There is no other individual training exercise like sit-ups, where the speed of execution and number of repetitions can be varied widely.

Sit Up Bench

Sit Up AB Bench Incline Decline

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This ensures that the abdominal muscles can be effectively burdened by sit-ups again and again, which ultimately also ensures a continuous release of growth stimuli. Furthermore, in connection with a sit-up-bench abdominal trainer, the “oblique” or “lateral” parts of the abdominal muscles can be trained with twisted sit-ups. A sit-up bank is very advantageous for home training because it saves space and yet offers a large variety of exercises.

Roman Chair – Perfect for the “lower” abdominal muscles

Basically, the abdominal muscle can be seen as one large muscle and the appearance of the muscle is genetically determined and split in different muscle parts. The “lower” abdominal muscles belong to the most important muscle group when training abs. That’s because it visually has a high priority and can be ideally trained with the exercise Leg Raise.

Roman Chair ab equipment

Hyperextension Strength Roman Chair


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Leg raises can be done very well on the Roman Chair with the legs outstretched or with the legs bent. The straight abdominal muscles are also loaded with the leg lift on the Roman Chair so this exercise effectively trains a large part of the abdominal muscles simultaneously.

The Ab Roller – Small device but extraordinary effect

The Ab Roller is a small fitness machine for training the abdominal muscles, which has gained in popularity in recent years. At the beginning of the workout it may take some time getting used to doing the repetitions with the Ab Roller, also known as Ab Wheeler. But over time this type of abdominal training is very effective and you will feel all your muscles during the workout.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts


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The Ab roller is absolutely recommended for home training as it is extremely space-saving and also has a low price compared to other ab machines. You can also train in the garage or other rough surfaces with the Ab roller making it a very flexible device. A nice side effect of the training with the Ab roller is that the buttocks and the back muscles are also trained.

Conclusion: The three mentioned devices allow an effective and comprehensive training of the abdominal muscles, which can lead to the desired training success with regular execution in each case. Beginners in ab training may think that they can work their abs every day, but for effective muscle growth such a frequency of exercise is not conducive. It is sufficient to strain the abdominal muscles once or twice a week. After all, they need time to adapt to the strain after training.

All the other questions you may have about abs or your abs workout plan:

When is the best time to workout your abs?

Usually people are most efficient in the morning or early afternoon. But of course it’s best to judge by yourself when you feel ready, this will be the optimal time for your ab training. But keep in mind that after a big meal you should wait at least 60 minutes before practice.

What is the best workout for your abs/ What is the best workout for getting abs?

Depends on what muscle group you want to train. But basically I would say that with the classic crunch you are at the right track. Just design each exercise to reach its performance limit at 12-15 reps.
Very important: all exercises should be performed without momentum and slowly.
Do not forget to always keep the muscle tension.
Also, you should have a break of at least 24 hours after each workout because only in the rest period the muscles can grow.

What is the best workout for your lower abs?

Planks, sit-ups, reverse crunches and scissors are great for the lower abs. But scroll up for the previously mentioned section: Best ab workouts for men. I think in the next update I will provide a post about this 🙂

What is the best workout for abs and love handles?

Leg raises, bicycle crunches, classic crunches and plank.

This picture will answer your question:

love handles training

What is the best cardio workout for abs?

Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism 🙂

This cardio workout is extreme and will burn all your fat. But remember: you should always start with cardio and then switch to strength training. Endurance training after strength training slows down the positive effects or after a round of strength training you are so exhausted that you would not hold out much longer.

What is the best workout dvd for abs?

Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six-Pack will definitely make your six pack pop out of your stomach. Train daily with Jillian Michaels workouts and you will see fast results.

What is the best workout for middle abs?

Plank, V-ups, L-sits and hollow hold. Again, scroll up for the picture that described all exercises.

What is the best workout for abs and arms?

Easy: abs workout with weights 🙂

Most of the ab exercises can be combined with weights. But for best results I would suggest to separate the training of each muscle group.

What is there to pay attention to in six-pack training?

Always keep the abdominal muscles under tension.
Do not forget to breathe!
Do not work with momentum. A controlled repetition of the exercises is very important.

How should I plan my six-pack training?

In general, you should set up a schedule first so the motivation is easier. It must be clear from the beginning that it will not be easy to get a six-pack. There is hard work ahead of you. However, you should never forget the fun factor.

How many times a week should I train the abs to get a six-pack?

2-3 times a week is enough. Muscles need time to recover after each workout because the muscle does not grow during exercise but during rest.

How can I motivate myself for six-pack training?

It is best to create a training diary to document the achieved successes. A pre-photo may also help to boost your morale and keep you on track. Body data (such as the abdominal, thoracic and biceps girths) should also be included in the diary. Once a week you should get on the scales. Also note down the number of crunches achieved.

How do the abs become even thicker when the sixpack is already in place?

A training of all muscle parts of the straight abdominal muscle is very useful here (10-12 exhaustive reps). Remember to do the exercises in different angles.

What leads to maximal growth of the abdominal muscles?

Growth can be more strongly stimulated if the pace is varied.

Starting your ab and core training with the ab wheel

When you begin doing your ab workout I can strongly recommend the ab wheel, which is the perfect home workout tool that will tremendously boost your ab muscles and upper body strength in just a few weeks of training. Usually people including myself hate doing ab training and begin to neglect this important part of the body so let’s summarize all the benefits of this little but powerful tool. Ab Roller Wheel Fitness home training gadget

What are the benefits of the ab wheel?
  • You can do the workout anytime and anywhere, 8-12 reps are enough each day
  • It’s a lot of fun to do your ab workouts because you can clearly notice the progress each week
  • The ab roller workout is not only training your abs but also strengthening your whole core, arms, legs and back muscles
  • Training the core is very important in stabilizing your upper body and supporting your spine which will prevent any back injuries or fatigue
  • The ab wheel workout will help you get a better posture


I found a quick but creative way of implementing the ab wheel into your daily training 🙂

Ab Roller Wheel workout exercises schedule

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