Calorie Killer: These are the 5 Most Effective Fitness Trends in 2019

Do you want to get off to a workout in 2019 or are you looking for new sports that can really help you out? We’ll show you the most important fitness trends in 2019 and reveal why they are just awesome.

We all know the feeling: At the beginning of the year you are still super motivated and you are sure that the intention to do more sports will definitely be realized this year. But what happens? After a few laps on the treadmill or the cross trainer, the inner bastard comes back.

The reason: The fitness program is simply too boring to stay tuned.
Or: It’s not effective enough and successes that would motivate you stay away. So to make 2019 your best¬† year for a new healthier and happier self, the appropriate weight loss training program has to be found.

Here are 5 fitness trends that are super-effective, burning lots of calories and toning your body with lots of fun included.

1. Jumping Fitness

Jump Fitness

Jump yourself slim! Jumping Fitness is just right for those who want to lose some remaining body fat. In this cardio workout you’ll get really sweaty and gravity will help you in this matter.
One positive thing: The training is fun! It is gentle on the joints and your endurance, strength and coordination are additionally trained, too. Therefore, this trend sport is the ideal entry for beginners in fitness because the techniques and jumps are easy to learn.

The courses usually last one hour including warm up and cool down. Depending on the intensity, up to 1200 kcal can be burned per training session. All the various bouncing movements and steps are performed according to the music and you will mostly remember all moves from aerobics or martial arts. If you are looking for very quick results and very effective Jump Fitness sessions you can be instructed by a trained coach.

Tip: The training requires special trampolines that are designed for one person. A new suspension technology and a handle differentiates the training device from conventional trampolines. So please do not start right on the big one in the garden.

2. Boxing Fitness

boxing fitness

Some celebrities including Gigi Hadid and Halle Berry are known to be admirers of the boxing fitness workouts. Boxing Fitness is an unbeatably effective total body workout that melts calories in record time. With one hour of intensive boxing training (skipping included) you can burn between 500 and 600 kilocalories. The best part is that all the muscles of your body are being actively trained which increases the afterburning effect. This means your body will continue to burn calories even during days of rest.

Tip: Kickboxing and Piloxing are similarly intensive workouts and at least as much fun!

3. Bouldering


Climbing or better bouldering challenges your entire body. It’s a mix of strength, endurance and technique.¬† You can slowly and playfully reach your limits by going higher and faster. On the ground are usually soft mats ready but this is not necessary if you climb in the boulder area. The handles are marked in color and show the way, sometimes real puzzling work is required here. In the team it can be even more fun to figure out the right technique together!

Tip: Cut your fingernails as short as possible to have a better grip on the handles.

4. Hot yoga

hot yoga

Sauna fans beware! Hot Yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga is being practiced at high room temperatures of around 35-40 degrees and around 40 percent humidity. The high temperatures make it even harder for your body, which also pushes the calorie burning. In addition, the muscles and tendons are stimulated by the heat and the sweating detoxifies the body. Yoga, in all variants is in seventh place in the trend ranking, according to the study ‘Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends 2019’.

Tip: Since hot yoga is a very sweaty thing to do you shouldn’t forget to bring enough water and a towel with you for training

By the way, there are also other forms of Yoga, like Aerial Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga or Hatha Yoga.

5. Deepwork

deep work

The so-called deepwork training is one of the functional fitness programs. Deepwork training is focusing on the deeper muscles of your body. The program of inventor Robert Steinbacher is based on the five elements of earth, wood, fire, metal and water and combines effort with relaxation.

The 1 hour workouts usually follow the same pattern: They are divided into seven different phases that relate to an element. Most of the time you train in a group and you do not need more than one fitness mat, similar to bodyweight training.

It starts with targeted stretching and intensive breathing exercises. After that it gets exhausting, followed by Burpees or Mountain Climber as fast high-intensity exercises, which boosts the metabolism and fat burning. A strenuous task is always followed by relaxation so that you can breathe deeply. At the end of the lesson you are completely exhausted, but still full of new energy – awesome!

Functinal Fitness ranks 9th in the trend ranking, according to the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends 2019 study.

Tip: Comfortable clothes, something to drink and a towel and you are already optimally equipped for Deepwork.