High calorie foods: These little snacks should be avoided

High calorie foods: Here a few nuts, there a piece of chocolate – distributed throughout the day we eat pretty much in between and thereby take up many extra calories.I’ll show you which snacks are true calorie bombs that you should definitely avoid.

Everyone knows that chocolate, pizza or cakes have a lot of calories. But there are plenty of other foods that we eat casually, but don’t know that they belong to the category “High calorie foods“. Not everything that is organic, healthy or stated as “fat-free” really holds what it promises. For example, would you have guessed that the oh-so-healthy dry fruits are not so harmless when it comes to their sugar content and thus the calorie content? And nuts also have a lot of hidden calories because of their high fat content.

High calorie Foods

High calorie foods to avoid

If every day after breakfast or lunch the desire for a small snack comes back, many resort to chocolate or other snacks. There is nothing to say against two pieces of chocolate a day, but it should stay that way!

To not slip back into bad habits again it’s best to immediately stow away the sweets and never get them out again. Also keep in mind: never place an open pack within easy reach because you might unconsciously empty it.

You should also pay attention to these things when snacking:

  • There should be at least three hours between each meal. If we keep snacking, our insulin levels are always elevated and fat burning does not start.
  • Do not eat snacks while walking or standing as this is not the way the body recognizes the snack as a meal
  • Those who have already eaten a piece of cake for coffee should save on calories during their main meals.
  • You can usually fight appetite with a special tea, a cappuccino, a bubble gum or a piece of fruit.

These 6 snacks are nasty calorie traps

High calorie foods: Dried fruits

Fruits are healthy in general and what could be better than eating a few dry fruits if you are hungry for something sweet and want to do something good for your body. This idea is of course right from the beginning. It’s definitely better to grab raisins or dried apple rings instead of chocolate or potato chips. But you should not underestimate the hidden calories of dried fruits.

While 100 grams of banana only have 88 calories, 100 grams of dried banana have three times as much calories. How can that be? The guilty here is the fruit sugar! When the water is being removed from the fruits during the drying process the fruit sugar remains highly concentrated.

My tip: Take it easy with dried fruit and carefully eat some from time to time. But keep in mind that they are hidden calorie bombs. A fresh apple or a banana are often the better alternative.

Dry Foods Calorie Bombs

High calorie foods: Nuts

Hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews or almonds – the variety in the snack area is quite big when it comes to nuts. In addition, they are available in a huge variety from pure to salted to roasted, caramelized in sugar or in a spicy wrapper.

Once opened, the pack is almost empty when you eat it comfortably in front of the TV. Unfortunately, nuts are real calorie bombs because of their high fat content. Although it is vegetable and therefore good fat. But you should not grab too often into the nut pack. On average, 100 grams of nuts have about 600 calories. The leader is the macadamia nut with 687 calories per 100 grams.

My tip: Prefer natural nuts and try peanuts or pistachios in the shell. By cracking the nuts you eat much less.

High calorie foods nuts

High calorie foods: Smoothies

If you feel like having an extra dose of fruit, you’re welcome to grab a smoothie. But beware: the juices have significantly more calories than the fruit itself! This is due to the fructose, which is often added into the drinks.

But even without the little extra sugar, smoothies generally have a higher sugar content than the comparable amount of cola due to the fructose: In 100 ml of smoothie you usually have about 12 grams of sugar, in 100 ml of cola you can find about 10.7 grams.

My tip: Prefer to use fresh fruits for a smoothie.  If you need to buy one, take a closer look at the details and only pick smoothies without added sugar, colorings or preservatives or half of fruit pulp or purée.

High calorie Foods Smoothies

High calorie foods: Biscuits

Biscuits are the classic example when it comes to a small snack in the afternoon. Biscuits, butter biscuits or chocolate cookies are the most favored according to personal preferences. Somehow the usual need for a little snack in the afternoon has to be satisfied.

If it stays with a cookie, then it should be ok. But let’s face it, when is it just one cookie? Take care with this high calorie food, because a single double biscuit with chocolate filling already has 117 calories! And even a wholegrain biscuit with chocolate comes around 50 calories.

My tip: Comparatively low in calories, Russian bread is 390 calories per 100 grams because it contains hardly any fat.

High calorie foods biscuit

High calorie foods: Yogurt

Yogurt in general is healthy and so are fruits – then a fruit yoghurt is twice as healthy you may think. Wrong! Most fruit yoghurts that you can buy in the supermarket have lots of artificial sugar. In addition, more calories are usually included than you might expect: a 200 g strawberry yoghurt, for example, has 28 grams of sugar and 204 kcal.

My tip: Just mix your own DIY fruit yoghurt from low-fat natural yoghurt and fresh fruits. Tastes great and you know what’s inside!

High calorie foods yogurt

High calorie foods: Granola bars

In a hurry we may grab a granola bar for the little hunger in between. Attention! At first glance, granola bars seem to be insanely healthy, but in fact there is a lot of hidden fat and sugar in the bars, and many are additionally covered with chocolate or nuts.

My tip: Always check the ingredients on the label and be cautios when you see too much sugar! There are plenty of tasty recipes for handmade granola bars on the internet!

high calorie foods granola bar

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