How to get a six-pack: The Ultimate six-pack plan

One thing is certain: the summer is definitely coming and everyone wants to know how to get a six-pack fast. The desire to present a beautiful, well-toned body is sure to slumber in each of us. The symbol for this is a flat stomach with well-defined abdominal muscles. So the question that triggers this dream body in the head is then usually the following: “How do I get a six-pack?”

how to get a six-pack

In this article I’d like to introduce you to 3 ways everyone can get a six pack! This is not just a loose promise, I would more or less call it a guarantee.

I would like to make things clear at this point: It takes a lot of work to get a six-pack. Depending on physical conditions and mental motivation, the way to tighten abdominal muscles may take a different amount of time. But whoever endures will enjoy the fruits of his work…

An athlete who already has low body fat will be able to build the muscle he needs to bring out a six-pack within a few weeks of training alone.

Athletes who have a slighty higher level of body fat need to fight excess body fat first to achieve their goals.

How to get a six pack – The basics

The formula for a perfect six-pack looks like this:

Sixpack = body fat down + muscles up

Let’s split the formula first:

Everyone, whether completely untrained or doing elite sports for years has abdominal muscles. Of course they are not always visible. However, I want you to understand that even without a visible six-pack you already have abdominal muscles. Without abdominal muscles it’s not possible to walk upright, stand up straight or move. The abdominal muscles are involved in many movements of the body and can be described here as the antagonist to the back muscles.

Abdominal muscles are important

If there are no abdominal muscles, the body collapses. With just about any move you unconsciously perform you are tensing your abs. Although only to a minimum extent this contraction is measurably present.

getting a six-pack

So that you get a feeling for your six-pack I just ask you to do the following test:

Tense your stomach and try to feel your muscles. Even if a moderate layer of fat hides a visible six-pack you should be able to feel the waves of muscle through this layer. Just try it out and be amazed that your six-pack is already in place but still slumbering in secret ???

Now you will surely ask yourself the question: “Yes, that’s good and beautiful but how do I get a six-pack? How can I make it visible? “Or maybe it’s like: “I feel nothing there. What do I have to do to feel something? ”

If you already feel your abdominal muscles you are on the right track. Excess fat simply prevents visibility to your existing six-pack. What should be done now, should be clear:

Down with the belly fat!

Six Pack Diet Plan

The Six-Pack Diet Plan: The Secrets to Getting Lean Abs and a Rock-Hard Body Permanently

The six-pack diet is a long-term weight-loss solution that specifically targets problem areas like the abdominal region. This plan uses your body’s natural components, such as hormones, to help you win the battle of the bulge and create an environment in your body that is fat-loss friendly. A must read for anyone who wants to be lean and sculptured

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How to lose body fat: Make your six-pack come out

If you want to know how to make your six-pack come out you have to know how to lose body fat first . Now I want to free you from the mistaken belief that you can burn fat on the stomach with many abdominal exercises. No, that will NEVER work.

how to lose body fat make your six-pack come out

The human body has certain zones where it stores fat. In the case of men this is primarily directly on the stomach, in the case of the women it’s on the stomach, legs and buttocks.

To summarize it all it can be said that men with a body fat content of around 10% can clearly see a six-pack. For comparison. The average untrained man should have a body fat content of about 15%.

If you have low body fat but you still don’t see muscles on the stomach then targeted six pack exercises can help build up the desired mass in these regions. Because big, strong muscles are more noticeable on your stomach than small, measly ones.

But here also the basic rule applies that you can see even large and powerful abs only at a certain (low) body fat content. Although training the abs triggers a growth of the muscles you can’t make them “push through” with too much body fat.

Let’s compare that “body fat” with clothes. If you carry a lot of body fat with you, they cover up your body (six pack). The more “clothes” or in this case body fat you discard, the more your silhouette comes to light.  I’m sure you’ll agree on this point that training with “clothes” is useless if you keep them on 🙂

But now let’s go back to the excess belly fat topic and the question “How to get a six-pack?“.

Abdominal training alone mainly stimulates the muscles but doesn’t contribute that much to burning that unwanted fat, which is directly lying above. Now let me show you how you can bring out your six-pack in 3 ways described below.

Don’t worry if you don’t notice any muscle in the test described above. Muscles are certainly there but perhaps too much fat or too little muscle prevents you from feeling this six-pack.

Let’s briefly summarize all important facts again:

  • Everyone has abdominal muscles
  • Too much body fat hides the six-pack
  • You have to build muscle to make it more visible
  • Burning fat is necessary to finally bring out the six-pack

How do I get a six pack – The 3 options

ONLY the following 3 options are necessary to achieve great abdominal muscles:

Get a six pack with sports

To get a six pack with sports is one of the 3 methods to reach your goal of a well-defined six-pack. By sport I mean beside the sixpack training also other sports like for example soccer, jogging or simply something which you like. Basically any sport where you run a lot and therefore move your torso is perfect for that.

Get a six-pack with sports

Sport does 2 things:

a.) burn calories
b.) build muscle

To make a six-pack visible body fat needs to be burned. Sport burns extra calories and if you manage to burn more calories than you consume your body will automatically burn your belly fat. If there is little abdominal muscle the second most important thing is to train the muscles.

Read about the best six-pack exercises in more detail in the Abs Workout article. If you would like to train at home you will also find the best six pack exercises and great tools there.

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Basics for abdominal training:

Training of the abdominal muscles should be done at a maximum of 2 times a week
Training sets per exercise: 2 to 3
Repetitions: 6 to 15 (muscle building area)
Intensity: difficult

If you can do more than 6 to 15 reps, you MUST increase resistance or weight! The goal is to dissolve muscle building of the abdominal muscles. This is only possible in this repetition area.

Get a six pack with nutrition

There is also a way to get a six pack with nutrition. Our goal is to burn fat and this can only be achieved with sports or a diet. That means you have to take in fewer calories in than you burn.

get a six pack with nutrition

For example, if you eat 3000 Kcal a day you should only consume 2500 Kcal from now on so you can lose excess body fat. A deficit of more than 500 Kcal is not recommended because you might risk to lose muscle mass which is equivalent to a loss of the six-pack.

First and foremost the 500 kcal should consist of carbohydrates. Since 1g carbohydrates have exactly 4.1 kcal, 500 kcal are equal to about 122g carbohydrates.

Milk, yogurt, bread, pasta, rice, chocolate and many other foods are full of carbohydrates which you should stay away from now on. The reduction in calories may reduce your body fat, but can’t replace a good six-pack training.

Therefore, in my opinion point 3 is the ultimate solution for a flat stomach and the answer to the question: “How do I get a six-pack”.

Get a six pack through nutrition and sports

Probably the best and fastest solution to get a six pack is the combination of training your six-pack and combining it with a good and healthy nutrition.

Training builds muscle, strengthens your body overall and burns calories. With the help of targeted nutrition even more calories can be burned which in turn allows a six-pack success that is twice as fast.

Training and nutrition interact and work twice as well in combination

Closing words

I hope you liked my guide and your understanding of how to get a six-pack has improved. Unfortunately, I also mistakenly believed that I had to ONLY work my abs like crazy in order to successfully build a six-pack. I want to protect you from this mistake.

What counts are good, strong muscles and low body fat. Not more! Since most athletes train too much abs anyway they should be more concerned about getting the diet under control so that body fat can be burned.