Weightloss: 5 Possible Reasons Why You Gain Weight Despite Eating Healthy

Typical weightloss problem: Various diets, change of eating habits or exercising more. You’ve tried everything to lose weight but you just seem to be unable to lose the extra pounds and you don’t know why? It could be due to these five reasons that you haven’t thought about when it comes to weight loss.


There are a number of reasons why you might have weightloss problems that have nothing to do with your diet.

This is confirmed by Dr. Holly Lofton, director of the Weight Management Program at New York University Langone Health.

“I often experience that,” she explains, “Many patients actually know how to lose weight and do everything they can to make it work, and despite being on a healthy diet and exercising a lot, some people are just not losing weight”

But why could that be?

1. Medicines can be a reason for your weightloss problem

The side effects of various drugs can cause you to gain even more weight. In particular, this applies to antidepressants and hormone preparation. “Antidepressants have a weight gain potential if taken for more than a few months,” explains Lofton. The expert therefore recommends looking online to see if weight gain is listed as a potential side effect for this specific product.

“Talk to your doctor too. There are probably alternatives that may not make you fat, “she advises.

Another drug that could be responsible for the fact that it simply does not work with losing weight: the contraceptive pill. Since pills have relatively low levels of hormones, the likelihood of gaining weight is low but still present.

However, other types of contraception can have a much greater impact: “The three-month injection is a common reason why my patients gain weight” says Lofton.

2. Genetics makes it hard for you to lose weight

Lofton says that although genetics could cause people to gain weight or have weightloss problems, it is not a reason to stop you from losing weight. “We mistakenly think, ‘My mother is fat, my father is fat; I am destined to become fat too, I can’t do anything about it “says the expert. “Early prevention can help in such cases. In order not to become overweight, it is important for these kind of people to ensure that their lifestyle is as active as it can be. ”

3. Age affects weight

According to Lofton, patients over 50 often ask why usual weightloss practices from younger years aren’t working anymore.

“Metabolism slows down by about two percent every two years. So it becomes harder to lose weight as you get older, “says the medical doctor. What can we do to prevent that from happening? “Keep doing exercises that build muscle,” she explains, “because we lose muscle mass as we get older and don’t actively try to get stronger.”

Unless there are other problems caused by a change of hormones over time. But even for this problem there would be the solution of exercising anyway, says Lofton. It’s just harder to figure out what works at that age.

4. Stress is the weightloss killer #1

According to Lofton, our bodies are dealing with stress with an evasive response: “I compare that with being hunted by a bear,” she says.

The body doesn’t focus on losing weight, instead, it prepares itself internally for a fight. Chronic stress is even worse: it can cause brain trauma through which we are constantly longing for so-called “comfort foods”. This refers to foods that eradicate our frustration. The classic is: chocolate.

“When it comes to stress, it’s more likely that we absorb more calories,” says the expert.

5. Not enough sleep may be a reason

Sleep deprivation triggers the formation of stress hormones and from the 4th reason we know: Stress is very bad.

“When adults do not sleep for at least seven hours [per night], the body can’t get the information they need from a hormonal response that tells them how much fat they have,” Lofton explains.

To protect itself the body says evolutionarily: “This person doesn’t sleep enough. There has to be a stressful event like a famine. So I’ll grow more fat and increase hunger.” Therefore it is important for your weightloss goals to pay attention to a healthy sleep.

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