What Makes The Best Home Fitness Program?

Why waste your time going to the gym when you can have the best home fitness program at home? You’ve probably seen and tried lots of interesting workouts from pinterest, instagram or youtube. They all promise big results at first but have one thing in common: The exercises are always very one-sided and the first motivation is quickly gone after some weeks without any visible results. But let me tell you that it’s not so difficult to find the best home fitness program if you only focus on the essential features.

These essential key features are easy to find by asking yourself why you would rather do home workouts instead of going to the gym?

The best home fitness program has to be quick and effective

quick and effective best home fitness program

You don’t want to waste your precious time driving to the gym and repeating your usual sets for the 100th time only to find out that it’s not the fun but more the habit or the membership fee that is making you still go there day by day. If the time you need for preparing and getting to the gym is longer than the time you are effectively training your body, it’s probably time to think about a change. That’s why it’s no wonder home workouts are getting more popular year by year. You want to start right away from your living room without putting any makeup on and you want to finish your daily workouts as fast as possible!

The best home fitness program has to be fun and motivating!

fun and motivating best home fitness program

This might be the most important feature of a good home fitness program as it is keeping you motivated and stops you from quitting on your goals. We know that one-sided training schedules are absolute motivation killers because no one likes doing the same exercises for months. Also the results will stagnate quite quickly because your muscles won’t grow any further without increasing the load. So choosing a home fitness program that is offering you different levels of difficulty with new exercises at each stage is the key to long-term motivation and success.

The best home fitness program should deliver fast results

best home fitness program fast results

Last but not least: What is a good training program if you won’t see any results? A good training program has to deliver fast results or it’s just a waste of time and shouldn’t be continued further, period. One-sided training that is focusing on special problem areas or doing only strength training with heavy irons is probably the most common reason why most people fail at reaching their goals. That’s why it’s no wonder that all fitness experts share the same opinion that the best training schedule should consist of a full body workout that combines strength, core and cardio exercises. The reason for that is simple: If your goal is losing weight as fast as possible and getting a fit body in the shortest amount of time you should focus on doing cardio workouts combined with strength training. By pumping your body and shedding excessive fat you will see surprisingly fast results and feel much better and fitter. So keep in mind that strength training alone may train your muscles but what’s the benefit if everything is hidden by the body fat above that?


We have learned that the “best home fitness program” is easy to define when we just focus on the main reasons why people decided to start with home fitness at all and what their expectations are. So basically we can say that a great home fitness program has to be quick and effective because you don’t want to waste your time, you just want to do sports and see fast results! The best home fitness program has to be fun and motivating, because you don’t want to stop midway before reaching your goals. This also means that the training program has to be exciting and not monotonous. And last but probably the most important fact: a great home fitness program has to deliver fast results. There is no reason in doing a training program for a long time without seeing any results because after all you want to see what you have been working your ass off for weeks as fast as possible, don’t you? Therefore to see fast results a good home workout consists of strength and cardio exercises that will accelerate your body fat burning mechanism and train your muscles.

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